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Eikoh Hosoe Photo Exhibition

Hana Dorobou

8 Jan - 13 Feb 2010




ⓒEikoh Hosoe

Eikoh Hosoe is a most known art photographer in Japan who emerged in the experimental arts movement of post-World War II. He is also known for his psychologically charged images through his friendships and artistic collaborations with the famous Japanese writer Yukio Mishima and 1960s avant-garde artists such the dancer Tatsumi Hijikata.

This series was built with the dolls made by Yoko Kamoi, a famous under-garment designer / essayist, as she told Hosoe to take photographs for her own book. He took those dolls and travel around Japan.

Hosoe said that he felt like wandering with mankind not with dolls.


Hana Dorobou is a series of 34 images printed in 2004 with beautiful quality of gelatin silver prints.


34 works / Gelatin Silver Print


Talk Show of Eikoh Hosoe & reception

5 Feb. 2011 PM4 at Gallery TANTOTEMPO



Celebration on Eikoh Hosoe's Contribution to Photography, KOBE

5Feb. 2011 PM7 at Banboo Room 4F Kobe Oriental Hotel

¥10,000 (includes talk show fee at gallery, dinner and catalogue "Hana Dorobou")


Contact "event@tantotempo.jp" for application.



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