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TANTOTEMPO is a brand new photography gallery that exhibit and provides you original fine art photo prints .

TANTOTEMPO will be established on 10th May 2008 in Kobe, JAPAN.
Please check 'TOPICS' so that you can get more information about TANTOTEMPO.


Coming Soon"Hana Dorobou" Eikoh Hosoe Photo Exhibition

8 Jan. - 13 Feb. 2011





Talk Show of Eikoh Hosoe & reception

5 Feb. 2011 PM4 at Gallery TANTOTEMPO



Celebration on Eikoh Hosoe's Contribution to Photography, KOBE

5Feb. 2011 PM7 at Banboo Room 4F Kobe Oriental Hotel

¥10,000 (includes talk show fee, dinner and catalog "Hana Dorobou")


Contact event@tantotempo.jp for application.


Eikoh Hosoe Exhibition

27 Jan. - 8 Feb. 2011

Kobe Fasion Museum 4F gallery



Click Here for details.



Late Show Schedule (Nov.)
We have started late show with extended business hour upto PM8:30 on 10 and 24 Nov.

Contents - コンテンツ
  • Gallery - ギャラリー
    Gallery - ギャラリー
    We exhibit and provide original photo prints of outstanding photographers and young developing artists.
  • Library - ライブラリー
    Library - ライブラリー
    If you feel like spending time with cultural mind, you may enjoy photo books at our library.
  • pure
    TANTOTEMPO's collections of young developing artists. Low price, High quality.
  • Photo Cafe - フォトカフェ
    Photo Cafe - フォトカフェ
    Enjoy original sandwiches and cafe esspresso imported from Italy. You can also enjoy Photo library here.
  • Mini Labo
    Mini Labo - ミニラボ
    We provide mini DPE service, original photo frames and more. You may print your own photos here.
  • studio
    TANTOTEMPO provides you a house studio of Library Cafe area. Please ask TANTOTEMPO staff for details.


  • 2008-09-09 We have started late show with extended business hour upto PM8:30.
  • 2008-06-16 From 7th July to 25th July, we have no exhibition but "pure" presentation at our gallery.
  • 2008-06-16 On 12th July and on 13th July, we will run events on Mini Labo and Studio.
  • 2008-06-13 Patrick Taberna Photo Exhibition; 26th July to 23rd September 2008 is upcoming.