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Current Exhibition

Akimichi Chimura Photo Exhibition

Oct 4 - Nov 2 2014

ⓒAkimichi Chimura

Many things were drift away with many of the lives and it was a tragedy caused by huge earthquake on March 11 2011 in Tohoku.
In 2008, Akimichi Chimura started his project of shooting things drift ashore to the Ibaragi coast line. Some of them came from sea, and some were abandoned there. They drift because they lost their owners. Things stand on the shore, half buried, rotten and got rust. This is a kind of society on the sand “SHAKAI (sand world)” that human society does not care about. Akimichi’s story tells not only the environmental pollution but also the unknown stories of human products drifted ashore.

Photo book publishing is undergoing.


Next Exhibition

TANTO TEMPO Pure Group Exhibition

Dec 6 - 28 2014

Coming Soon

Katsuhiro Okuchi Photo Exhibition


Angkor Photo Festival 2012
1-8 December 2012
Siem Reap/Cambodia

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